Saturday, April 09, 2011

S is for St. Sharbel, Strawberry Fairy, and Sharing!

S week... getting close to the end of the Alphabet path!

Our S poems for the week from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints and God's Alphabet

Here are our themes for the week, all of which went into the Word Box, as usual.

~Work Activities~

Stations of the Cross Box

Saints Memory Cards

~Foods for S Week~


We also had skillet taco pie, slow-cooker carnitas, and shrimp and grits, all of which managed to avoid photographs! But they were all yummy!

~Circle Time~

Apparently there is no photo... so I am not sure what the show and tell items were!

Songs and Rhymes
Simple Simon
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Skip to My Lou
Mr. Sun
shells and seashore rhymes

~Letter Formation~

forming letter Ss using playdough

writing S's in cornmeal

Cut and Paste S Collage

Punch Out the Letter - Capital and Lowercase Pp

~Flower Fairy for Letter S: Strawberry~

Caroline's Pansy flower fairy page from the Flower Fairies coloring book

~Saint for Letter S: St. Sharbel~

painted saint

Caroline illustrates St. Sharbel

Finished copywork from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints and illustration

~Picture Study: S is for Stars~

Caroline's finished copy of Landscape with Stars.

~S is for Saint~

Caroline's copywork from

~ABC Virtue of the Week: Patience~

Well, the virtue coloring pages I'd been using have run out with letter O. So, since Caroline seems to like them, I attempted to illustrate the rest myself and come up with the virtues. So I chose sharing for S and drew a coloring page of kids sharing a wagon by taking turns pulling and riding. My drawing isn't as good as the originals, and I haven't drawn much in recent years, so it's nothing fancy, but if anyone has been doing the virtue coloring pages and wants some pre-made for P and on, I would be happy to figure out how to upload them to Google Docs or something. Still reading Caroline a relevant story from this sweet little book full of stories with morals to them to correspond with the virtue coloring pages.

~Activities for S Week~

S is for Sewing

Caroline used a Klutz sewing book to do some basic sewing projects, which she really enjoyed... she did all three in one sitting! Here she sews a bracelet...

This is the bird she sewed, which is hanging on her backpack zipper now. She also sewed a cute little purse!

S is for Sunflowers

We did this sunflower craft using glue, cardstock, crepe paper, and sunflower seeds!

Cecilia made her own with my help.

Caroline did hers unassisted.

The completed sunflowers... Cecilia's on the left, Caroline's on the right.

~Cooking Project: S is for Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars~

Caroline operating the food processor to mix up the filling ingredients.


The strawberry swirls on top were made with strawberry jam.

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