Thursday, April 21, 2011

Insect Study

I want us to do an ongoing nature study throughout our homeschooling years. Caroline has a nature sketchbook, but we have not done too much with it so far. With spring having arrived, the back yard abounds with opportunities for nature study, so we took a little side trip into insect study last week. The sheets above were made by a homeschooling friend of mine, and we used them to find out some information about some insects in our yard.

We observed carpenter bees (helping our blueberries to grow!) and inchworms.

The inchworms are EVERYWHERE this spring! The girls collected a bucket full of them!

We found out that inchworms are actually a type of caterpillar, and they become moths.

We had some "bug" pasta in the pantry, so we ate it one day, to go along with our theme. ;)

Mmm, a caterpillar!

Cecilia had to have a photo, too!

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