Monday, April 25, 2011

Observing Holy Thursday and Good Friday

Holy Thursday

We made this Last Supper craft from Catholic Icing on Holy Thursday, along with working on the clothespin doll figures. It is modeled after the da Vinci painting. All you need is a printer, colored pencils, scissors, and an egg carton!

Caroline did most of it, although Cecilia colored a few of the apostles (and Caroline was a bit put off that she had colored some of their hands blue, ha ha).

Good Friday

We changed the priest's vestments to red, the liturgical color for the day.

Cecilia is almost able to do this on her own now.

The red tablecloth went out, in preparation for our special Good Friday dinner.

Caroline added an image of the Last Supper on Thursday and of Jesus on the cross on Friday. There is an image of Jesus in the tomb for Saturday.

The girls used the figures to act out the Passion while I read about it from the Bible. Simon is helping Jesus carry the cross here.

Cecilia made Veronica wipe Jesus's face. Yes, I know that's not actually in the Bible. ;)

arranging the figures on Golgotha

laying Jesus in the tomb and placing the large stone in front of the opening

We also made hot cross buns again this year. Caroline measured flour while Cecilia stirred the raisins into the run to soak. Don't worry, she didn't taste any after they went in the rum. ;)

all finished and freshly iced with crosses

Then we went to our parish at 3:00 for the Seven Last Words of Jesus and Stations of the Cross. Caroline pointed out that it should be called the seven last phrases, not words. We had never been before - not with the girls; I had been ages ago at my childhood parish, I think. It was nice to be able to do this.

When we came home, the girls had hot cross buns for a snack and played outside.


Holly Rutchik said...

Wow! You guys did so much! Good for you, mama! Looks like a wonderful way to teach your beautiful gals about holy week :) Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, love all the ideas!! Love the last supper and the reinactment. I need to get my act together! We did the toilet paper tube scene and I wanted to act it out but we didn't even finish all of it.