Monday, June 19, 2006

I made a plain frozen yogurt popsicle for Caroline on day. It was really hot, and I had to do some things in the kitchen. I was hoping that this would keep her occupied for a while... and she loved it! I made it in one of those Tupperware "Ice Tups" molds. She made quite a mess of herself and the floor, but most of it ended up in her mouth. I gated her in so she wouldn't leave the kitchen and drip anything on the carpet. I will be sure to do this more often on hot summer days. I only hope she will always think that plain frozen yogurt is what a popsicle is supposed to taste like! if not, I'll have to add some pureed fruit to it to make it sweeter! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Laundry Baby

No, we did not dry the baby in the dryer along with the diapers! There is a photo of Caroline's Daddy in the dryer when he was a baby, so he suggested that we take a similar picture of Caroline. She thought it was a very interesting place to be... she was particularly interested in the light that comes on when the dryer door is open. I took several pictures of her pointing at the light with an inquisitive look on her face.

She is very helpful with the laundry, too! she likes to push the laundry baskets from the kitchen into the den, and she knows exactly where I dump the laundry... on the couch. She will often go and point out the spot on the couch when we have a basket of unfolded laundry, as if to say, "Get to work, Mommy!" She likes to hand me laundry to fold, and will pick up a piece and hold it up in the air, looking at me, so I will come and get it from her. I typically stand behind the couch and she hands stuff to me from in front of the couch... that way, I can keep the folded things on top of the couch back, out of Caroline's reach! Posted by Picasa