Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Update

I am now 20 weeks pregnant! This photo was actually taken two weeks ago, at 18 weeks.

This baby girl is making herself known more and more lately... there will be days with little activity, and then days where she is really kicking and moving in there! With the first two, I felt them most clearly when lying on my back, but this one is a little different in that I don't always feel movement when I lie in that position. I particularly have been noticing the little thumps of arms and legs when preparing or eating food (she must like to eat, like me! ;) and when I am driving (she must like listening to Tonic, too!). Still nothing obvious enough for anyone on the outside to feel by laying a hand on my tummy... I am betting that will come soon! She was very active throughout the day today, Easter Sunday.

She is more obvious now just by my appearance, too. Surely nobody could see the photo above and not think, "Hmm, I think she is pregnant!" I'm starting to bump into stuff with my belly now... like the pew in front of me when kneeling at church. And doorways. No wait, I always bump into those anyway for some reason, ha ha. Does anybody else constantly catch their belt loops and pockets on the strike plates of doorways, and the knobs on kitchen cabinets???

I am thinking of possible names... noticing that her due date is actually the feast of The Most Holy Name of Mary, so she may very well have Mary, Maria, Marie, or Miriam as part of her name. A few days prior to her due date is The Nativity of Mary. Not that any baby is actually born on his or her due date... something like 5%, I think? Cecilia came close... only three and a half hours too late. Me, I was born eight days past my due date. That was in the days when they didn't flip out and induce moms once the baby was close to a week "overdue."

And below, you will see what my belly actually looks like at 20 weeks, in the same shirt for a fair comparison:

Pretty big difference for just two weeks' time!


Holly Rutchik said...

Ohh! I am a new reader and didn't know this one was a girl! I too and havning my 3rd girl (any day now PLEASE Lord :)
You Look beautiful! We found naming our 3rd really hard. Does it have to go with the other names? Do all 3 of them need to "flow" ahhh! I think we have it now though.
God Bless you!

Carrie said...

She must have really had a growth spurt during those two weeks! Yay for baby bellies! It's the only time I get to enjoy a "hard" stomach, ha.
Mary is a beautiful name. We had picked Mary for our second if it was a girl, but he was a boy.
Don't know why we strayed from it this time, Ruby just came up and stuck for us.

Erin said...

Sometimes people do think we named the girls both names that begin with C because Chris starts with C too, and they would all be C names. I hadn't even considered that before the first person mentioned it to me! So, this one probably won't start with C! I guess most any names will sound good and flow together unless you name your kids something like Jane, Betty, and Ratanza. Don't want one to be the odd (wo)man out!

Meghan said...

you looks great!!!

I guess Noah is in that 5%...he was born on his due date, although he should have been born the day before..i was in HARD, natural, labor for 2 days!!!