Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Saturday - Preparing for Easter!

We spent some time on Saturday preparing for Easter Sunday. We planned to go to Mass in the morning and then have my parents over for a big meal. First, we died eggs. Although I have four dozen eggs in my fridge, I still had to go buy a carton of white ones... our hens lay brown eggs, and I figured they wouldn't really dye very well!

Cecilia enjoyed watching and choosing which colors to put "her" eggs in.

Isn't it odd that in these dye kits, they always include 12 dye tablets, yet there are only 9 spots on the back of the package in which to set the eggs to dry?

Caroline dyeing her own six eggs on the other side of the table.

Waiting for the colors to darken...

And here they are! I thought it was funny that the kit included "teal, denim, and blue." But after pulling the eggs out, it was clear which color was which!

After dyeing eggs, we made resurrection rolls. This has become a tradition since this is the third or fourth year of doing it. I just make a basic whole wheat roll dough and then we use it to wrap around the marshmallows...

... the Wal-Mart brand marshmallows that had already been opened and were in the pantry for a couple months... and perhaps this is why they didn't melt down completely inside the dough as they typically do?

The marshmallows get dipped into melted butter and then cinnamon-sugar before being rolled up in the dough. The marshmallow represents Jesus, the butter and cinnamon sugar represent the burial cloth/spices, and the dough represents the tomb. When they are served for Easter Sunday breakfast, the rolls are hollow, just like the empty tomb!

Caroline dips a marshmallow.

Cecilia shows us how greasy her fingers are after handling the buttery marshmallows!

Now they wait until the next morning to find the "empty tomb!"


Bridgette said...

Brown eggs will dye well actually -- the colors are just a little more muted and have a slight antique-y look to them.

Erin said...

That's good to know - I will have to try it next year. Antique-y sounds like they would look really pretty!