Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random Bits

Today, Cecilia said the most unintelligible thing she has said since she was about 16 months old... "Me sie-ged." That means, "I'm excited."

For some reason I have been stockpiling snack crackers... I just counted, and we have NINE boxes of some sort of cracker snacks in the pantry. Okay, so two or three of those boxes were given to me, but still... that's a lot of snacks!! At least they are mostly whole grain, and hey, they won't go stale any time soon.

Caroline was watching a Richard Scarry video, and an elephant was plucking grass with its trunk and then putting it into its mouth. Caroline said, "Hey, he's eating snot!"

There are so many "trendy" kids' names out there nowadays... and before I say more, I don't want to offend anybody, so if I list your child's name, I am not talking about him specifically! I just prefer more traditional names rather than names that are newer... and maybe some of these are old names that have become popular again, I don't know for sure. There are so many kids named Tucker, Bronson, Jackson, Harley... okay, so maybe not Harley. I'm sure there a few Harleys out there though, right? Anyway, I just realized today that one day my daughters might be married to men who have these currently popular names, and so I better get used to them! I wonder how they'll feel as adults with these names... Tucker is cute for a little kid, but it sounds kind of odd on a 30 year old. Riley is a cute little girl name (probably a boy name too), but think about how it sounds on a 60 year old lady... it sounds like a last name, not a woman's name. Jackson may well be a family name, and it can be shortened to Jack, too... I shouldn't really talk though, because I like Dallas as a boy name... although I don't think I'd ever actually use it. And I knew a delightful little boy named Grayson in a preschool where I worked while I was in college.

Today Cecilia walked into the kitchen, where I was listening to an 80s music CD while getting breakfast ready. Her eyes widened and she exclaimed, "Never give you up!!" The song that was playing at the time was actually "Together Forever." So, I guess she can pick out the voice, or the style of the music?? Or maybe it was a coincidence and I am giving her too much credit regarding her musical giftedness! ;)

A funny phrase Cecilia has been saying lately: "for quick." It means that she just wants to do something else for a minute before, say, getting her diaper changed. As in, "I want nuh-nuhs for quick!" And just a while ago, she rubbed her eyes and said, "I'm tired for a minute."

Caroline built a "chicken house" yesterday. I can't figure out how to get the photos of it off my phone. For some reason, it says that they are too big when I try to send them, although I can send other pictures just fine. Whose idea was it to make the camera in the phone be able to exceed the size limits for sending the pictures?? Anyway, Caroline's chicken house: she propped up a bunch of boards and other random junk around the little table that is connected to their playhouse outside. Then she'd stick a chicken inside and block it in with a board. The house got quite elaborate, with another two tables pulled up to it to make additional rooms, and the sandbox lid forming a wall. Sally was the lucky chicken who got to live in it. Each time, she'd find a spot where there was a gap large enough for her to squeeze through or to hop over... it was funny that she didn't object to being stuffed through a little opening repeatedly when Caroline kept putting her back into the house! And then, the horror... she pooped inside her house! This was quite upsetting to Caroline, who had taken such care to build this lovely little vacation home for a chicken ungrateful enough to get the floor all dirty! ;) But it was really good to see her so busy with her task, dragging boards across the yard, being active and imaginative.

Yesterday, Cecilia told me while I was changing her diaper, "I have blue eyes. I have not brown eyes."

Tonight, we had breakfast for dinner - omelets and pancakes, mmm! As I was clearing away our dinner dishes, Cecilia said, "Bye, bye, pancake. Sleep well!"

Does anybody else's kid do this??? Caroline offers Cecilia a choice: "Cecilia, do you want Ensa (Caroline's baby doll) or Una (a stuffed bear)?" Then, when Cecilia chooses the one Caroline wanted, she gets upset! I keep trying to explain to her that if she offers two things to Cecilia, they need to both be things that Caroline is okay with giving up to her at that moment! Apparently, Caroline is hoping that Cecilia will pick the unwanted item each time... and it never happens, of course! This scenario occurs at least once a day!

Cecilia keeps talking about going to the "moosum," so I guess we need to schedule a trip to the Creative Discovery Museum sometime soon! She probably doesn't remember going before, but Caroline keeps telling her about it.

Hubby and I watched Back to the Future one night earlier this week. I'm calling for another date night tonight for Back to the Future II. The 1980s in all their glory!! I love the first two movies, but Back to the Future III was a bit lame, in my opinion (okay, the first two were sort of lame as well, but not quite in the same way...). Popcorn, hot chocolate, and a movie... that sounds good to me, and so I am off!


Carrie said...

I love these random bits! It is great that you are recording all these daily moments and expressions. I wish I had done a better job of that when mine were younger.
Did you ever watch the show "My So Called Life?" I am watching the whole thing on Hulu right now. It reminded me because you were talking about 80s shows, and that 90s show is just jaw droppingly accurate to my teen years. Anyway, just wondered.

Melanie said...

Hayden does that with the choices too--must be an age thing since they're pretty close. Since she doesn't have a little sister to do that to, she does that to us. "Mom would you rather have the plastic grapes or the plastic ice cream?" "No, how about you have the grapes."

Also, its amazing to me how much music my kids have picked up from the songs that Julian plays. Some of their favorites are Alabama and the Beach Boys. They even put in requests.