Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It did actually snow here on Thursday, closing schools (and work for Chris) on Friday, and I have photos of that still in the camera. But how interesting that a couple days earlier, we had made paper snowflakes from coffee filters and taped them up in the windows!

This was one of the craft ideas I'd planned for us to do during the Christmas season... I think I had as much fun with it as Caroline! I hadn't made a paper snowflake in a long, long time.

Caroline helped with a lot of the folding. We just used round coffee filters (I have been working off the same bag of filters since I started college, oh, in 1997!). I found it to be helpful for Caroline when I drew lines on the filter for her to use as a guide while cutting. She tried a few randomly with no pre-drawn lines, but many of those ended up with gaping holes or nearly cut into separate pieces. So, if you are going to do this with preschoolers, draw some basic lines for them to cut along!

Cecilia was interested for about two minutes, and then she went off to the closet and put on Caroline's flip-flops and pretended to go to the beach... you know, for some contrast.

We made quite a mess on the floor... but that just means that I got to use my new vacuum!

Here are the snowflakes in our den windows:

Our friends have snowflakes in their windows, and we see them each time we walk past their house, so I was inspired to do some as well... but we put ours in the den, which faces the backyard, so nobody will walk by and see ours. Our front windows have blinds on them, though, and our den window blinds are almost always up, so we will see the snowflakes more often here.


mel said...

Fun! Hey, Caroline's hands look *so* red! I thought maybe they were badly chapped, but then I saw how the red just stopped abruptly there at the wrist and wondered if she'd been playing in something red instead. :)

Erin said...

Yes, they are chapped... she has really dry skin and her hands get like that in the winter - mine do too, but only since I have had kids and have been washing my hands fifteen times a day! Caroline has some excema (sp?) patches and has since she's been a baby.. she just has really sensitive skin. I need to be better about lotioning up her hands - especially before bedtime... and my own hands as well!