Sunday, January 03, 2010

More Christmas Celebrating!

The day after we returned to Atlanta, Chris's parents came to visit and to celebrate Christmas with us! The first day they were there, we had more Christmas present-opening fun! Doesn't Cecilia just look so grown up in this photo? She doesn't look much like a baby any more!

Gran and Grandad had brought presents from themselves as well as the girls' aunt and uncle, their Great Granny, and Daddy's aunt and uncle. Cecilia chose to just revel in the gift-filled atmosphere rather than rip the wrapping paper off of gifts... she had to be coaxed to open them for some reason.

Pretty new tights! Thanks, Gran!

A photo of me to prove I was really there.... Chris took photos this time, whereas I took them on Christmas morning and in Atlanta. Cecilia seems pretty interested in my new socks!

The girls were excited to open these new musical instruments from Gran and Grandad - we will use them to make some music at Circle Time!

Cecilia wanted Grandad to help her open this present. She loves her grandparents and warms up to them pretty quickly each time she sees them... each morning, she woke up and the first thing she said was, "Grandad?" The day after they left, she said, "Go Grandad's house?" And on the day we came back from Atlanta, when she noticed that we were pulling into the driveway of our own house, she protested, "Want Gramma's house!!" She sure enjoyed several days of grandparent time!

Oh, and we ate snacks while opening presents... I randomly took a photo after we ate most of them. I made Southern Comfort Sour according to the recipe my mom said they used when they made it the other day... but this stuff nearly knocked me over!! I later learned that my dad made it, not my mom, and that my brother overheard him saying, "Five jiggers? that seems like too much," and then he saw him just pour some in, not measuring it out. Aha! So I will never know how he actually made it and will therefore never be able to successfully duplicate it.

Cecilia got these manipulative-type things that can be used to build all kinds of things. They look like they will be good for fine motor play. The girls got lots of puzzle-type items this year, which will be nice to have and rotate them out as fine motor work for homeschooling.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and that's that for the present-opening posts!

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