Saturday, January 16, 2010

Discovered Recently...

This blog, which contains lots of good posts on parenting and baby-related issues. Looks to be a relatively new blog with lots of traffic!

Some highlights, which go along nicely with my "Why Do I" series:

On "extended" breastfeeding:
"Premature weaning," ha ha! I like it. :)

On nursing in public:
I also appreciate the tribute to PoWM.

On routine infant circumcision:
Short, to the point, and unabashedly straightforward.

Ha ha on the title of that one... I told you she's straightforward!

People regretting their choice... because they made the one that cannot be undone.

An interesting twist.

And speaking of the "Why Do I" series, if there is a topic I have not covered that anyone is interested in, please let me know and I will try to get to it soon!

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Woman Uncensored said...

Wow, I'm really flattered! I'm glad some of my posts have connected with you :-) Will be following your blog now too! Hugs!