Friday, June 12, 2009

Ugliest Sock Puppets Ever!

Last week, Caroline and I made some sock puppets. She wanted a Mary puppet, a Joseph puppet, and a baby Jesus puppet. So, I worked on them with her assistance (she put on the googly eyes, or "eyes with pupils that wiggle," as she called them). I have never made people sock puppets before... and hope that maybe I won't have to ever again. Sock puppets are great for animals, apparently... a horse, a frog, a dragon perhaps... but people faces and mouths just don't look quite right in sock-puppet form. Or if they can look right, I don't have the ability to make them do so! These just look kind of depressed... not quite the happy glow that you'd expect from the Holy Family, ha ha!

Caroline chose the colors for the felt and the accessories (Mary's bow and Joseph's belt). Poor little baby Jesus pupet.. he's not even really a puppet, just a stuffed baby sock. And he looks like... a potato? A slug? I don't know.... he looks almost Muppet-ish.

But, we made them together, and they are much-loved. Caroline loves playing with her Holy Family puppets, and she especially likes it when I make them tell her a story. She likes them enough that she stores them high out of Cecilia's reach. I still think we'll stick to animal sock puppets in the future, though!

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Skye said...

They're really cute-thanks for sharing mine would love these and even more when they've co-created them with me.
Blessings and warmth.