Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Daredevil

This face says it all... "I can take on anything - I can climb any mountain. Just watch me!" Oh, don't let that melted yogurt popsicle on her chin fool you for a minute - she means serious business!

Cecilia is climbing on everything... and has been for a few months now. This is the other day, when she climbed onto the package of toilet paper to see what she could find on the counter (no knives, thank goodness!). She also bent her knees and bobbed up and down, saying, "Boucy, boucy, boucy!" She thinks it is as fun as an inflatable, ha ha.

She also climbed onto this overturned laundry basket the other day and just sat there, feeling quite pleased with herself. She has also been known to climb onto Caroline's little table and to climb onto the hearth and pull the pebbles out from around the gas logs.

Today, she set a new record in her level of braveness. She climbed up to the top of the McDonald's play area. She did this for the first time about three weeks ago (we go there to play sometimes when it is raining or just miserably HOT), but today... she climbed about 15 feet up the tunnel slide. I had to crawl in to fish her out! Then she climbed up the stairs - three times - and came down the slide! That slide has got to be at least 15 feet high. I'd be completely terrified if it weren't an enclosed tunnel slide. I did make sure to send Caroline up with her to make sure she went down the slide carefully, and I didn't let her climb up until there were no other kids up there. At one point, I did hear her fussing in the slide and had to climb up it quickly to make sure she wasn't stuck somehow.

It is so funny how daring she is... Caroline wouldn't go on playground equipment alone until she was over two, and wouldn't go in a tall play area until she was over three (and still won't go in if there are "big kids" inside it). She is cautious. Cecilia is the opposite, apparently, although I wouldn't say she is careless or fearless... she seems to be able to handle most of what she gets herself into!

The little monkey ;)

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mel said...

Gosh, she is getting so big. I love that first picture, hehe...what a gleam in the eye...