Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The "Conscence Rule"

Well, I didn't put that FOCA image in my sidebar for nothing... we have work to do!

About a month ago, I sent letters to my representatives in DC as well as to our president outlining my concerns about FOCA. I received responses from my reps assuring me that they did not support FOCA (which I already had figured, especially given that one of them is a pro-life former OB/GYN).

The "conscience rule" goes hand in hand with FOCA - it protects the rights of doctors to practice health care according to their own morals... that is, they do not have to offer abortion as one of their "services." Not surprisingly, our president would like to change this.

You can go here to voice your opposition to the president: http://capwiz.com/afanet/issues/alert/?alertid=12821731&type=PR

Here's my letter, which summarizes the main problems with this issue:

It is morally wrong for the federal government to force a doctor, nurse or other health care professional to participate in abortion – which stops a heartbeat and kills an innocent human life. Putting health care providers in the position of having to compromise their morals will cause many to quit, thus lowering the standard of health care in our country and creating a health care shortage. Personally, I would not go to a doctor who participates in abortions, and many Americans feel the same way. We deserve a choice in the doctors we use for our own health care. I urge you not to rescind the “conscience rule.”

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