Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, my kids are religious fanatics...

Cecilia's hero is the Pope, as I mentioned previously.

Caroline's heroes are more local - Father Paul, and Mike Revak, our seminarian. He gave her a red pen, and she uses it every single time she wants to draw or color or "write." She wanted to ask him to sit with us at dinner at church the other night. Too bad for her that her first "crushes" are definitely not available! The above photo of him appeared on the front of our weekly archdiocesan newspaper (my aunt's sister, who works for the archdiocese and occasionally reads this blog, had better not turn me in for copyright infringement!), and when she saw it, Caroline immediately announced, "Hey, that's Mike Revak!!!"

She wants me to cut it out for her so she can save it. I wonder if she's going to ask him to autograph it and then hang it on her wall...

Edited to add:Here is Caroline's drawing of Mike Revak, which is a gift for him. She gave it to him tonight at Stations of the Cross. She was so excited, and waited for him after Stations so she could give it to him... and get that picture autographed. I jokingly asked her if she was going to get him to sign it, and she took me quite seriously (no surprise there, actually). She also gave him a grocery list she "wrote" and a drawing of Uncle Tim. The above drawing is pretty significant in that it is her first-ever drawing of a person with actual arms and legs. And it is just like I remember learning in a child development class in college - a big round head with lines coming out for the appendages. Neat to see that progression in her drawing! She also wrote his name around it, which you can make out if you start at the 12 o'clock position and pretend the letters that look like P or F are really K. I spelled his name out loud for her while I was doing something in the bathroom - probably changing a diaper - and when she couldn't figure out how to make a K, she got one off the alphabet puzzle so she could try to copy it - pretty good thinking there!

Now she's asking when we are going to invite Mike Revak over for dinner... and Father Paul, too.

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Kelly said...

Oh, that's so adorable! I think you ought to cut it out, have him autograph it and hang it up for her! What a fun story!