Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Peaceful Rainy Day at Home

Some at-home days don't go nearly this peacefully - it is always nice when they do, and it is what we strive for. Monday, and it was a rainy day... sometimes those can make us stir-crazy! We went to Spanish for an hour before lunch (a friend who has a Spanish degree teaches it informally in her home), and the rest of the day was spent at home. Cecilia discovered a new activity: putting poker chips into an empty yogurt container and then pouring them out. I later found some in the next rom, under the couch... she has hoarding tendencies.

Caroline made "snowmen" with play-doh. I made a few as well - she always wants me to make things for her. I make a few and encourage her to do some herself, since working with the dough is good for her hands. The rolling of balls of dough is a good fine motor exercise.

We took a walk in the afternoon - Caroline was hoping the rain would continue to fall so she could use her umbrella, but the rain had stopped. It was still plenty wet, lots of puddles... and we carried our umbrellas just in case since the sky was still overcast. Caroline stomped in a few puddles in these hand-me-down boots that a friend gave us.

She's not really a "stomp in the puddles" kind of kid... more like a "Mommy, I have a tiny bit of food on my hand, clean it off me!" kind of kid. She found a few big puddles along our walk and gave them a couple of obligatory stomps, and then we moved on. We stopped to look at plenty of things along the way - worms, trees, things found along the edge of the street like pinecones and berries. It is nice to be able to take a leisurely walk, not trying to actually get exercise, but to just enjoy being outside.

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