Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cecilia's Buddy

One of Cecilia's first clear words: "Pope." There is a photo of him in the vestibule at our church, and I pointed it out to Cecilia during one of the various times I ended up out there with her and told her it was the Pope. She began saying,"Pope!" enthusiastically. Now she recognizes him on this pamphlet we have, too.

She finally started saying "mama" now - after she was saying "Pope." Suddenly, she is realizing she can communicate - she says, "Dup" for cup and up (she points at the cup or clings to my legs at the same time she is speaking, so I know which one she means!). She is trying to say "Caroline" - she starts out with a hard C sound and gets out two garbled syllables. She tries to say "clothes" and "blueberry;" last night she was saying "plat" for plate. It is funny how she is saying words with the L sound - and almost making the L sound clearly! She suddenly is able to make the m, n, and g sounds. She now says "nah nah" when she wants to nurse while doing the sign for "milk" - doing this multiple times a day! And she does the "please" sign but does not say anything for "please" yet. The other day, she actually did the sign for "more" while saying"mo," and then said "dup!" while reaching up at me... "more up." Pretty clever, huh? Although she seems to think "more" can be used to express any thought that is otherwise not easy for her to express...

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