Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Well, not here. It was coming across Alabama and was supposed to fall on us, but it skirted around us completely - not a drop of snow at our house! Lucky for us, we were in Atlanta visiting my parents for the weekend. So Caroline got to enjoy the snow some, and Cecilia was able to see her "first snow." This was Saturday, March 1.

We were skeptical about it sticking, but it came down so thick and so fast! Caroline went out on the deck to let it fall all around her.

This picture shows just how fast it was falling - it was beautiful, and the snowflakes were HUGE! Cecilia was entranced as she watched it fall all around the house... she watched through the windows of the sunroom. Caroline and Grampa (who was always the official snow-going adult in my childhood) went out to make footprints in the snow.

I took her out for a few minutes in it so she could have the experience. Please ignore the 80's clothes that I borrowed from my mother. I didn't have a coat or hat with me and wanted to keep dry, so she got these out of the closet. That jacket is the one she used when we went skiing with my Girl Scout troop in 1991, I believe...

Cecilia wanted to touch the snow, of course, to figure out what it was...

It's for eating, of course!

Here's a shot after the snow finally stopped falling later that afternoon. I haven't seen it stick that thickly in quite awhile!

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