Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caroline the Author

Caroline has been talking about writing this book for a long time now. The title is based on this book by Kevin Henkes. I put some of the illustrations underneath the text from the corresponding pages (some were really just scribbles so I didn't bother posting those)... in the first one, the big circle is the hospital and the small circle (with the figure inside) is "mommy's tummy." The second drawing is trees, and the third is bunk beds (which were clearer before she made her pen "walk" up and down the ladders). The last picture is the aquarium - you can see the sting rays decently.

Cecilia, the Baby of the World
by Caroline R. Lewis
February 26, 2009

Cecilia is very tiny in Mommy’s tummy. Cecilia has been born in the hospital. Cecilia is special because her sister Caroline is soon going to be a big sister and help out.
Cecilia sees the outside of the world: the trees, the birds, the sky, and the squirrels. Caroline will tell Cecilia as she grows bigger what everything is outside the world.

Caroline says, “Cecilia, you will soon be a big helper and be able to help me clean up when it’s time to clean up, and it will be neat to have a bunk bed. You will sleep on the bottom, and I will sleep on the top.”

Cecilia and Caroline like the merry-go-round and afterward, they go to the little cars and trucks that move back and forth, you know, when you put money in. Let’s pretend that they are going to Wal-Mart. “Isn’t this fun?” said Cecilia. “Yes,” said Caroline, and she said, “We’re going to buy some groceries there, and you said you wanted a saucer chair, so we’re going to buy one while we’re there.”

Cecilia is now one and she is walking. This is the first time she has ever walked.

Caroline and Cecilia and their mommy are going to the aquarium with their friend Jake and his mom and his little brother.
Cecilia loves Caroline and she is now two. Now she has her baby doll that was up in Caroline’s closet, and she loves it.

The End – All Gone

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mel said...

Awesome job Caroline! Maybe you will grow up to be a writer or an illustrator!