Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Appeal of Stashing Small Round Objects

Cecilia occasionally has engaged in this odd activity (during the few minutes each day she is exploring rather than clinging to my legs, climbing all over me, or in my arms, that is ;). First, it was these plastic eggs. She was putting them on the bookshelf one by one. Maybe she can hide the eggs this year.
A few days later, while enjoying emptying the pantry, I noticed that the pearl onions had somehow moved from the bottom shelf to the highest shelf and were no longer in their bag. Cecilia again. She has a thing for onions big and small, it seems!

Here's a close-up of those onions, on top of a Tupperware container...

1 comment:

mel said...

teehee...I remember Jack's pantry emptying stage...Tess will be doing it soon!