Friday, May 21, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things Friday

So, my brother got his cats shaved. Yes, his CATS. Apparently there is a company that will actually come to your house, take your cats into a van, and shave most of their fur off from their necks all the way down their tails. I think they look like rats now... big rats. These cats do really shed a lot (one practically shoots fur at you as a defense mechanism), and this is supposed to prevent them from leaving their fur all over everything they touch. So Cecilia saw this photo, and her immediate response was, "Those silly cats are wearing different tails!" Caroline just got upset and said she was mad at Uncle Tim. Poor things... Mason, the one on the right, will likely have a relapse of her kitty-PTSD now.

Caroline told me a few nights ago, as I was tucking her in, that "When the first light comes into my room in the morning, I'm going to turn back into a gerbil."
Okay, then...


Caroline said...

A gerbil? Why did she chose a gerbil? I used to pretend I could turn into a horse or a bird or a combination of both...but a gerbil? ROFL!

Lucy said...

Okay, you've proved it--cats really are just big rats with wigs on!

Thanks for joining in--we always love your stories. :D

In Christ,

Erin said...

Yeah, I have no idea why she was pretending to be a gerbil... a random animal to pick, for sure.