Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celebrating Pentecost

Pentecost is considered to be the "birthday of the Church," since that is when the Holy Spirit descended and the apostles began to go out and spread the word. So it is considered to be a pretty important day, and we celebrated like we did last year! Caroline helped me to make this descending dove Pentecost spinner again... we made it during the week before Pentecost Sunday.

For part of our dinner, we had a twelve fruit salad, representing the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit. Here's where I got the idea, although we just had the fruit, no dressing on it. I thought I had a kiwi, and I forgot about the can of pineapple in the pantry... so I was two fruits short. I ended up throwing in some raisins and dried cranberries to get to 12, ha ha!

Here are our cupcakes, like we had last year. There are 13 of them - representing the 12 apostles and Mary (which is why there is a blue cupcake at the top). Each one has a candle so that when lit, it depicts the tongues of fire that came to rest above each of their heads.

We hung up our doves again this year... if you care to see each ornament up close, you can click on the link to last year above this photo. The girls and I also colored some Pentecost pictures which we hung on the china cabinet. Caroline cut hers out and glued it to red paper. She later colored a dove picture just like Cecilia did... after Pentecost. You can see in this photo that our priest is in his red vestments.

Here are the cupcakes, complete with "tongues of fire!"

Cecilia was excited to be able to help this year by being part of the "mighty wind" along with Caroline!

Mmm... cupcakes! (Er, wheat germ muffins with frosting on top! I love that we can find ways to celebrate things and still eat in a somewhat healthy way!)

Caroline wanted to eat the blue one this year...

And in the background of this picture, you can see the cool old radio we inherited and the chair that could really use a slipcover!

We also finished up our Garden of the Good Shepherd sticker calendar... fifty days went by very quickly, according to Caroline! She couldn't believe we'd gone through fifty stickers already! Next year, I hope to do more of the Good Shepherd Garden Parties... we had lots of fun with the one that we did do this time!

And now, back to Ordinary Time!

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Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

I LOVE the spinning dove craft! What a great idea :-)