Saturday, May 08, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest (a day late)

The other day, there was a non-full moon visible in the sky in the afternoon. Cecilia saw it and said, "The moon is broken off."

Caroline was telling Cecilia that when she was older, they could both spend the night at Gramma's house. Cecilia knows that Uncle Tim lives at Gramma's house too (in the summers anyway; he's a college student), so she said something about him, followed by, "He'll sing Hush Little Baby and that will feel me better."

Cecilia's current cute pronunciations:
  • "puh-rending" = pretending
  • "garolla" = granola
  • "bee-rowdoe" = burrito
  • "Bee-rawna" = Brianna (the name of a friend)
Caroline and I were coloring pictures of acorns for a project, and she was coloring the round part while I was coloring the caps. She said, "You color the 'a' part, and I'll color the 'corn' part." This was followed by, "Maybe they should be called 'o-corns,' because they are shaped like Os."

Today, Caroline ran after Daddy, who was headed out the back door, calling, "Did you tell Mommy about going to the car wash? Don't tell her!" Then, turning to me because daddy was already outside and hadn't heard, "Mommy, did Daddy tell you about going to the car wash?" No, but you just did, Caroline! Apparently my Mother's Day gift is a clean car!

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Lucy said...

Awwww. So cute! I remember when Kevin was learning to talk. He would call Mickey, "Icky", and would call upstairs, "IIIIIICKYYY!!!"

Better late than never---thanks for joining in. Hop you can come back another Friday (or thereabouts ;) )

In Christ,