Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real Snow!

We had more snow that the girls have ever seen... and more than this area has gotten in over 15 years! And it all melted quickly... we had less than 24 hours of good thick snow on the ground. Cecilia didn't care for it for very long... here are a bunch of photos of Southerners being fascinated by snow!!

This was as far as the chickens would go in it... and only Sally would be brave enough to come this far! They liked eating it, though!

It was still falling when we went out Friday afternoon.

Our fig tree and the neighbor's house

our daffodils had begun coming up

and I hope those aren;t buds on the blueberry bush - otherwise, they're done for! :(

across the street

our neighbors brought their sled over and pulled the girls around!

our snowman... or snowgirl, Caroline called it

The next day...

the snow was melting off the trees Saturday mid-morning

Everyone tasted the snow:


Carrie said...

cute pics! I would have been worried sick about the chickens out there, another reason I don't do well with animals!
It was a very fun snow!

ViolinMama said...

Gotta love the snow!!!! We've enjoyed it too...and I'm glad it doesn't stay too long...enough to enjoy! So wondrous!

Erin said...

Chickens are supposedly okay down to below freezing temps... Chris did put some insulation on the inside of their coop, though! They generate a lot of body heat, and they fluff out their feathers and sit down on their feet to sleep, which keeps them warm. The black one, the Australorp, refused to come out at all when the snow was on the ground... she wouldn't even peek out or step out next to the snow like the others did!

Tiny Actions said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun with your "Real Snow." I'm just giggling to myself since we have about 2 feet of snow that is not melting anytime soon!