Thursday, February 11, 2010

Messy Fun!

Er, I mean tactile experiences... these are just a few sensory activities I let the girls do inside. They are especially useful to do on very cold or rainy days when outside time is limited. Warning: these may take a while to develop the tolerance and patience to allow the kids to do them and not flip out over the mess. They did for me! Also, very close supervision is needed lest they get out of hand! Sensory activities usually calm kids down (Cecilia), but they can get some kids riled up after a little while (Caroline)! I don't allow wild play with these kinds of activities, for (hopefully) obvious reasons!

Dry rice - a huge bag of it poured into a Rubbermaid bin. The girls like to dig in it, fill up measuring spoons and those little medicine cups that come with liquid medicines... craft sticks to drag through the rice... they like to push mounds of it up to make "mountains" and that sort of thing. I put down a tarp first (the thing that goes under a highchair to keep food off the floor) and then dump the stray rice off it back into the bin at then end. Any rice on the floor gets eaten by the garbage can, with assistance from the broom/dustpan duo.

Yes, that is flour now, not rice. A tub of cheap white flour. Add some measuring cups, a plastic beaker from a Chick-fil-A kids meal, some spoons, and a couple plastic dinosaurs... voila!

It is really very messy... but of course, flour comes out with a few shakes and beating of the clothes. But then you will slip on your kitchen floor the rest of the day, even after sweeping. Maybe I should have vacuumed.

Finger painting with... chocolate pudding!!

The best part is that they can lick their fingers, too!

A tasty work of art!

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