Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Bits

Cecilia sings the ABCs:
"A, B, C, B, F and G, H, I, N, O, P, Q, R, S, Y and Z, Now I know my A, B, C, B, F and G, H, I, N, O, P, Q, R, S, Y and Z, Now I know my A, B, C, B, F and G..."
[This is the song that never ends....]

So, while parked at my mom's preschool while in Atlanta, birds pooped on our cars:
LOTS of birds!!! They must have been sitting in the trees above the parking lot for a long, long, long time! My mom had noticed how huge the flocks of birds were there while outside, so we put two and two together... and thanked God they weren't in the trees while we were getting in or out of our cars, ha ha! Now, I was parked about FOUR spaces down from my mom's car. She called a co-worker who was parked in between us, and sure enough, her car was also covered in it. I drove through a car wash on the way back home that afternoon, and it still didn't get it all... awesome husband washed the rest off himself this afternoon. I love him. :) <3

And, more testament to the stupidity of my parents' cats (as if any more proof were needed):
Gabby perching on the edge of the upended mattress that I brought for Cecilia to sleep on.

Mason perching on my dad. She did this every time he sat down. She likes kneading his sweaters, and my mom's fuzzy bathrobe. Weirdo.

So, lots of photos to go with my random thoughts this week... I took a lot of them with my phone recently. Here is a sight never before seen in the history of Wal-Mart...
An EMPTY middle aisle!!! No huge displays of junk taking up the middle of the aisle, causing even more traffic jams than would occur otherwise in a typically-crowded Wal-Mart. This was also at 10:00 in the morning, so it was practically an empty field, just asking to be frolicked about in... okay, not really, although there was a baby we saw crawling across it, noticing the new wide expanse. I regret to report though, that today, there were things back in the middle of the aisle again... but not completely. I have a feeling I have witnessed something as rare as Halley's comet appearing...

In Atlanta, we went to the children's museum downtown one morning, so here are some poor-quality photos of the girls enjoying their time in the museum:
playing in water

shopping with stuffed chickens (as if they don't hang out around chickens enough, they were hoarding the stuffed ones in the play grocery/farm area)

And I said I wouldn't put this on my blog, but I was offloading a bunch of photos off my phone, so I couldn't resist. One of my Eagle Scout brothers who will remain unnamed did this:
See how two candle wicks were lit? That was my doing with a lighter, which ran out of fluid before I got to the third wick. Now, my dad had just bought a three pack of lighters for some reason, but my brother decided instead to light a piece of paper from one of the already-lit wicks. Then the paper charred up and fel, still lit, into the candle, but didn't light the wick. Once we used one of the new lighters, the candle smelled wonderful!

Okay, this is something I saw in a store and I just thought it was weird... don't have any other comments about it:

Caroline said to me yesterday, "Mommy, we're playing hopscotch. I'm learning Cecilia how."

I don't understand those people who bring their dogs with them everywhere and then leave them in their cars in parking lots. What is the point in bringing a dog to sit in your parked car?? Well, this dog got revenge:
Unfortunately, seeing me standing there like a goober taking his picture, he stopped what he was doing. See the box on the dashboard, the one that looks strangely similar to a take out box from a restaurant? The dog was thoroughly enjoying his master's lunch while she was shopping inside Whole Foods (or as my dad calls it, "Whole Paycheck").

And, I had a weird dream last night. I have a bad cold right now, and I think it was getting to my brain... I tend to have weirder dreams when I am sick. So, I dreamed that I was at the wedding of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. They actually got married back in 2003 in a church, but in my dream, their wedding was in Lowe's. Maybe it was Home Depot, but I think it was Lowe's. I was a bridesmaid (at least that much was true to real life). In the dream, I was upset because there was not enough seating for everyone. Apparently, having been to a Lowe's wedding before, I knew that they were supposed to have scaffolding set up for overflow seating next to the folding chairs set up in a corner of the store. At this wedding, however, the scaffolding was in the opposite corner of the store. We had to climb up it and be careful not to knock off any pieces of fine china which were sitting on shelves all over it. Other than the parents of the bride and groom, all the other close family and friends had to sit on the scaffolding while the not-so-close friends and family got to sit in the folding chairs, where the ceremony was taking place. We couldn't see or hear the ceremony from the scaffolding, being on the other side of the store. I thought that my husband must be the best man, because I was paired with a different groomsman, who I think was one of my husband's co-workers (you know how stuff is never totally clear in dreams). But when I asked him, "Are you the best man?" he replied, "No, Homer Simpson is," and motioned to somebody in a full Homer Simpson costume (who was also there on the scaffolding with us). So, we all got off the scaffolding later and the wedding and reception were both over, and there were some pitiful-looking pieces of chocolate cake with the letter E frosted on them (for my SIL's middle initial?? Probably not for any real reason just because it was a random dream and therefore didn't make sense... or it was my initial, because again, this dream didn't make sense). And then I remember wedding guests sitting at a table at dinner somewhere, and it all gets fuzzy after that...

I was sorting through some old letters and cards, and I found one from my mom that said, "Happy Birthday and happy shooting!" I didn't recall ever being taken hunting for my birthday, but I finally figured it out after being quite puzzled. I also found some priceless notes from my baby brother - see photos here!


sara said...

very interesting dream, erin! john probably would've been just fine with getting married in a lowe's. i bet andrew would be all for it, too!

Erin said...

I figured John wouldn't have minded the location! And in retrospect, don't you think you guys would have loved some guy dressed as Homer Simpson to have been part of your wedding party? :P