Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"How do you even find the door, you are so stupid."

That quote is what always comes to my mind when I watch Eat, aka 'Lorpie, the black Australorp hen, trying to figure out how to get out of the coop when the door is wide open. She paces back and forth frantically, looking through the wire, and she goes into the enclosed part of the house, and she even looks through the open door a few times, and still, she has trouble figuring out how to get out. The chickens love to come out, so as soon as they see us, they begin the frantic pacing in the hopes that we will come and open their door. 'Lorpie frequently has trouble getting out... she gets overwhelmed as soon as she sees that another chicken is on the other side of the wire, and she starts pacing again. When these videos were shot, the door opened up right beside the pond, which made it even more bewildering to her. She usually takes about three minutes to figure out how to get out, but this time, it took her nearly 20 minutes. All the other hens had walked right out with no problem.

As for the quote, my brothers will understand it... probably nobody else. It was from the sketch comedy show The State, and I know my brothers Mike and Tim would remember that line... it was from a sketch in which a big Italian family is having Thanksgiving dinner, and a teenage friend of one of them is at the dinner, and she's just very stupid, and the Italian mother makes this comment to her, to which she replies, "Yeah!" So it's not really funny at all unless you watch it... but I thought my brothers might appreciate the reference. Do you think we should rename her Sherrie?

The first video shows the not-so-bright chicken pacing...

...and this video below shows more of how she wanders back and forth and how the door is propped open, yet she just can't seem to find it and get out.

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