Sunday, October 05, 2008

Why I should stop quoting The Simpsons

I haven't watched The Simpsons in years, but Chris and I used to watch frequently in our pre-parenting days. So from time to time, we'll make reference to a relevant Simpsons quote. The other day, Caroline, while finishing her dinner, randomly said, "Thank you, Ping Pong!"

Now, this would only be funny if you have seen that particular Simpsons episode (so perhaps my brothers might find this amusing... probably nobody else), which I could not find on Youtube, unfortunately. But let's just say the quote could be offensive to those of Asian descent if you know the context. So, we had better be careful what we say in front of her, especially if she just says these quotes at random!

Another one that she repeats a lot - and this one is actually not a problem, unless offending Barney the Purple Dinosaur is a problem:

And we have sung the "Roofi" songs to her as well... and I can't find them on Youtube either! I did find MP3s of them but don't know if it's possible to get them into a blog post...

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mel said...

We have the same issues, John and I, but about Saturday Night about inappropriate, lol.