Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is it? A guessing game for you

Does anyone remember the 1996 Atlanta Olympic mascot, "Whatizit," later shortened to "Izzy"? Nobody knew what it was... which I suppose was the point, but it went over like a ton of bricks. Well, there is a new "Whatizit" that I found the other day in my Trader Joe's animal crackers.

I love Trader Joe's. I have no complaints about their store of their products. But I cannot figure out what this is supposed to be! Their animal crackers are rather oddly shaped. There are other indistinguishable ones, but I think this one is the funniest-looking in the container. I mean, it appears to be a blob with three legs, does it not?

So, if YOU have a great guess as to what this is supposed to be, please leave your idea in the comments! After several evenings of raiding the animal crackers (they are really good!!), I finally had an epiphany and I think I know what it is... I'll share my idea after I hear some of yours!


Mike Gellatly said...

my guess is elephant... side view with 2 legs and a trunk?

mel said...

a cat,,,walking away from you...heh.

erinmlee said...

You've got it turned the wrong way. Rotate it 90 degrees clockwise and it's an eagle wearing a fur collar. :)

Lisa said...

My guess would be an elephant, as well. :-)

Erin said...

Okay, I said I'd tell you all what I think it is... I also think it's an elephant. it dawned on me one evening after several days of thinking, "What IS this?" every time I ate one. I really like the other suggestions though - it could definitely be either the indifferent cat or the head of an eagle!