Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Fall Fun

Caroline and I made these fall-colored suncatchers today. We used coffee filters and Do-a-Dots - red, orange, yellow, and Caroline wanted to use a little purple too. :) She doesn't stick with art projects for too long, so I did a lot of the dotting myself. She did the one in the center and on the left. I filled in the space near the edges.

After dotting, you spray the whole thing with water to make the colors run a bit. Then, once dry, hang them in a sunny window. Just a simple way to let Caroline take part in the fall decorations around the house.
One other simple way to get into the fall spirit: using a pumpkin cookie cutter on biscuits. We eat biscuits fairly often here, and Caroline loves to make some of the biscuits into shapes using cookie cutters.

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mel said...

We've made those coffee filter thingies before! They are great for this age. :) But even Maria likes to do them.