Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We got a new (old) couch

Chris had been talking about finding a couch for the sunroom. We have some wicker-type furniture out there, and it's not comfortable to lounge on for long periods. So when he moved things around in his office and decided there wasn't enough room for the couch that was there, he asked if he could bring it home. It's in really good shape and is comfortable and not hideously ugly - thus meeting my lax standards for our household furniture (clean, decently comfortable, no more than moderately ugly :) While we have kids, I really don't care what my couches look like as long as they aren't fuschia or something like that. And slipcovers can come in handy in that case! Anyway, this couch really isn't even too ugly... it goes with the carpet, anyway. God really does provide ;)

A fellow Catholic mother and blogger has been doing "Thrifty Thursday" posts, which I love the idea of. Talking about money-saving ideas with other moms in single-income families is something I enjoy, because we can all share our tips! So, one of my tips: try to find gently used items whenever possible. I gt most of the girls' clothing from consignment sales, where I can typically find good quality stuff at a fraction of the cost.

Anyway... Caroline helped carry in the cushions - they are really firm, sturdy cushions that she couldn't quite handle, so she carried in all the small ones. The crown she's wearing is something that was handed out at a parade, I think... it's been kept in her collection of dress-up clothes.

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mel said...

hee. I was looking around the house yesterday trying to think of furniture we have bought new. Almost everything has been handed down to use our bought at thrift stores! lol...