Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Logic 101 with Professor Caroline

Caroline and I were discussing animal families yesterday. She likes to pretend that the cow in her toy barn is the mommy of all the other barn animals... the sheep, the cat, the pig. So, I was curious whether or not she really thought a cow could give birth to an animal from another species. So, I asked her who the mother of Mason, my parents' cat, might be. Caroline said, "Probably another orange cat."

I said, "So, Gramma isn't Mason's mommy?"

Caroline answered, "No."

"How do you know?" I asked.

And Caroline's answer?

"Well, she's not orange!"

Yes, this side-by-side comparison proves it. The distinguishing characteristic between Gramma and Mason is that Gramma is not orange.

BTW, if anyone knows how to actually get these photos side-by-side in Blogger, I'd appreciate the advice!!


Mike Gellatly said...

i love it! ~kate

mom0ktdid said...

To get the pictures side by side, I really think you just have to use the post to the "right" or "left" option for each, then they have to be small enough to fit beside each other in the column.
I have been catching up on your blog, love all the fall posts! I want to do that coffee filter one..sounds fun and easy!
Also, baking with children is so frustrating sometimes...it is hard to be patient and let them....:)