Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trip to the Beach, Part One

Here are some beach shots... lots of them, uploaded here at the condo since their Internet connection is faster than at home. The above photo is a stop in Warner Robins to have lunch at Mellow Mushroom with Aura Lee, who we hadn't seen in years!!!

Grampa holds my niece, baby Julianne, his third granddaughter

That's Tim wading out into the ocean while Daddy sits with the girls on the shore

Mike with a cool new hat

Caroline flies a kite

Gramma with all the granddaughters in their matching sun hats

Cecilia was really brave the first day and laid down in the waves even when they knocked her over... she used a little more caution on the following days!

still flying her kite...

Gramma helped Cecilia jump the waves!

Caroline jumped the waves by herself!

Tim and Chris in the waves with the boogie boards

covering their legs in sand...

Caroline made these caves around our "seal lagoon"

More later...

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