Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy Heroes Summer Adventure

Last week, the girls and I did a free, at-home Catholic "Vacation Bible School" called Summer Faith Adventure, which is put together by Holy Heroes. We received emails that had links to the daily activities and brief online videos. Each day had both Old and New Testament Bible stories that were linked together, along with a video about one of the seven sacraments which was related to the scripture for each day. It was really well-done and provided sound Catholic teaching. Each day also included a snack recipe, a game that could be played in a larger group, and a craft, along with coloring pages and crossword puzzles for older children.

Here are the girls helping to mix a basic pretzel dough. I loved that the recipe was basic and required no rise time, and they were really easy to roll and baked in under ten minutes! I was able to sub half whole wheat flour to add a little more nutrition, and they came out great!

We didn't make the snack every day... if I had more children to eat it though, we would have done the others like baking cookies.
Coloring pictures of Jesus at the Last Supper alongside a picture of a priest holding the Eucharist

I thought this craft was one of the best, although it was a lot of work for younger children... I did most of the cutting for Caroline. There was a document provided which had twelve prayers along with twelve color photos. We made booklets out of construction paper and then cut out and gued in all the prayers and the photos. Each craft had directions and resources provided, and they had also made a video with instructions on how to carry out each craft.

Here's Caroline with her finished prayer book.

Here's one other craft we did: a stained-glass window. I used clear contact paper instead of glue on wax paper... then I drew an outline on the non-sticky side and they stuck little squares of tissue paper on the sticky side.

Here are both of them... I did most of Cecilia's, but she did enjoy it herself for about five minutes.

We have done both the Lent and Advent Adventures, and the summer version was just as fun and informative! We'll be signing up for the emails when Advent comes in a few months!

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