Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Bits

This post was started before our beach trip, so I think it is about time to post it....

Caroline: "Cecilia is wearing a cameloge dress." (She means camouflage. It was actually plaid.)
Cecilia: "I am NOT wearing a camel dress!!"
Caroline: "How about a camel skin dress? They wore camel skin back then... right, Mommy? Back in the old days... in the 80's, right, Mommy?"

Cecilia: "I'm going to eat all of it, because it's a hungry snack!"

Cecilia, after spinning in circles in the kitchen: "I need the floor to stop moving!" She then squatted down and attempted to hold the floor still with her hands. "There, it stopped." She then ran out of the kitchen, calling out, "Daddy, the floor was moving! I was spinning around, and Mommy was taking a ride!"

Cecilia, whenever she sees the Google or the Gmail logos on my computer screen, says, "There's Goggely!" I have no idea where she got this, but I assume she has made the connection with the logo and the term "Google."

Here's one that happened a long time ago - maybe even last year - but I don't think I ever wrote it down. A neighbor was pulling her granddaughter down the street in a gardening wagon. It looked like this:
Caroline called out, "Hey, why is she pulling that girl in a recycling bin?"

Just heard a TV commercial for Pamprin... it said, "I can feel my period when it's coming." Really, do we have to share every intimate detail of our lives with the public these days? Aren't some things just a bit "too much information" to be included in television commercials??

When Cecilia was playing a make-believe game with Caroline, I heard her say, "We're going on a snow walk - don't forget yourselves!"

Cecilia says "anyone" instead of "nobody." If I ask her something like, "Who's done with dinner?" she will answer, "Anyone!"

Just as Cecilia thought the kitchen floor was moving after spinning in circles, she also thought that we were moving when the water was pulling back at the beach. As the water went back into the ocean, she would call out, "We're taking a ride!!!" A few times she actually did take a ride, though - the undertow was strong enough some days that it pulled her down!

I think I have finally ordered all the things I need for homeschooling... I am just going to download this handwriting program tonight, and then I will have pretty much all I need other than supplies for projects as we get to them throughout the year. I have spent all my birthday money/homeschooling money, and I spent it all fast! I spent a bit on myself, but mostly used it for school-related stuff. I was lucky to not have to buy a pencil sharpener (my mom said I could have their old one), and I will be getting their kitchen table sometime hopefully soon. They don't have a replacement table yet... but my brother goes back to school in Ohio in a week, taking his truck with him. my other brother has a truck too, which is with yet another brother right now, but they live 45 minutes from my parents and an hour from us... so, we just have to figure out a plan for getting the table here. I still have plenty more organizing to do... the bookshelves in the "School room" are about halfway ready. The closet where I have various reference books and "work activities" stored needs some rearranging too. And I need to get our Circle Time stuff in order as well as figure out how the local library works with homeschoolers and inter-library loans. I will want books for specific weeks, so I have to talk with them about when to make requests and if they can hold things longer for us... they have a generous teacher policy, which includes homeschoolers, that we can check out books for six weeks at a time. I don't know how this applies to inter-library loans, though. I still don't know when our first day of school will be, officially... I think it will involve lots of exploration of the new stuff and how to use and care for our books and supplies.

I am getting back on the diet this week after over a week off during our vacation... according to my scale, I gained back 4.5 pounds. I was down a total of 15.5 pounds before the trip. I am hoping that a week back on the diet will get me close to where I was before, but we'll see...

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