Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random Bits

Cecilia was stomping on a bug outside, saying, "I'm deading that bug!" I told her, "I think it was already dead, Cecilia," to which she responded, "I deaded it more."

Caroline: "Mommy, we're sandpipers! We're going to pipe the sand - pipe, pipe, pipe..." (repeatedly pecking the table with her nose)
We had noticed the seagulls, sandpipers, and pelicans at the beach and casually observed the differences between the three types of birds.

You know what makes me feel old? Listening to songs from the 90s on Youtube, and seeing that the comments directly below the videos all say, "This is a great song... I discovered it on Guitar Hero." Uh, yeah, well, I discovered that song when it was actually released 15 years ago, back in the olden days - so there! It also makes me realize that the majority of Youtube commenters are only about 15 years old themselves...

I found a hilarious website about a month or so ago... absolutely hysterical. It is called Catalog Living and is described as being "a look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs." I think the concept is great, as I have always made fun of catalogs and home decor magazines that have these meticulous and often random decorating ideas shown in them... The captions they come up with on this website are very witty. I also have it linked in the left sidebar under Blogs I Visit... so go check it out! It's a relatively new site, so it won't take too long to read through all the past photos if you want...

Cecilia's latest repeated comment: "One day when I'm a grownup, I'm going to paint my toenails and pop my tooth out and go to the dentist." Such grown-up events, in her mind...

The first of my mega-purchase has come in the mail today!! I love getting homeschooling supplies and opening them up...

So, supposedly we are getting a new grocery store in my town, which would be such a nice thing... Kroger is across town, and Wal-Mart is just icky. Want to see a lady spanking her two year old for crying on the floor at 9:15 pm? Go to my Wal-Mart. Why people expect toddlers to act mature in Wal-Mart that late in the evening is beyond me... But on a positive note, my cashier tonight was so very polite and friendly. Our greeters (except for the really old lady who I have never seen talk) are also all extremely friendly and smile and such, which is nice to see since that wasn't the norm there a few years ago.

Last night, Cecilia asked if she could have more "unsparagus."

Caroline noticed that the A key on my laptop is so faded that you can barely see it anymore... just the A, for some reason. She said, "Now you won't be able to type any more As!" She thinks I need a new A key!

Today, my niece Julianne was baptized. I love the smell of the chrism that is used to anoint the baby's head with oil - so sweet-smelling. I held her a few minutes after the baptism and I am still smelling the chrism! Caroline said she wants to snuggle up to me so she can "get more Catholic" by getting the smell of the chrism on her!

Okay, this is a comment just for females... does anyone else find it annoying that the packaging of feminine products changes so frequently? First, they had those Always pads that had the symbols on the packaging - they said things like "Remember your leaf symbol." That was easy. But then they got rid of the symbols, sometime between my getting pregnant with Caroline and the seven months postpartum until I needed to go buy more. The Tampax design changed sometime during the time of my pregnancy with Cecilia. And now, the Tampax box lid has an advertisement for the Tampax Pearl products, which makes it look exactly like that is what you are buying, if you just look at the lid. I almost bought the wrong thing. Why can't they pick one simple system and stick with it??

A picture to share: the girls with Uncle Tim in his cassock after Julianne's baptism. Uncle Tim is Cecilia's godfather and now also Julianne's. I forgot our camera, so I didn't take any baptism photos, but I did take this one with my phone:

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Carrie said...

Definitely feeling you on the feminine products. It's easy to accidentally get scented too! :(