Thursday, October 29, 2009


They don't really look like it, huh? No, we don't have swine flu... the girls and I have been battling colds since the weekend. Chris, who went on an airplane, hasn't gotten sick at all - not ironic though, because he was taking Airborne! So he's probably been able to fend off the cold bugs better because of that!

We have been having a slow week due to the cold. I was down on Monday - bad back as well as the cold - and it was pretty bad, so Chris stayed home from work that day. Cecilia started with the cold the next day, and Caroline after her. They are both at the last stages, I think (the keep yourself- and everyone else- awake coughing stage). So we have been laying low... and we had a very enjoyable day on Wednesday, even though both girls were snotty and coughy.

That is tea in Cecilia's cup - raspberry herbal tea with honey. I was hoping the honey especially would feel soothing on their throats. Caroline, surprisingly, drank all the tea and has been asking for more twice a day!! She has never liked tea, hot chocolate, or much of anything else besides water in a cup. Cecilia drank it up when I first gave her some, but since then she has asked for it and then not drunk any. We are washing hands a lot, drinking hot tea, the girls are taking their cod liver oil and I am taking extra vitamin C... and I just ordered some dried elderberries to make elderberry syrup (for future use). Hoping we'll be well enough for Halloween!

It was a dreary day in addition to us being sick... rainy and blah. When are we going to see some real autumn days, the kinds with crisp blue skies and bright sun with highs in the 60s? Oh well, if we are going to be stuck inside and with colds, then we can still enjoy the fact that it is fall. I bought some pumpkin butter at Trader Joe's - yum!! Rice cakes with cream cheese and pumpkin butter with a cup of hot tea, cuddled up reading books on the couch (well, after the rice cakes were consumed, that is)... then watching a bit of Little Bear with Caroline... we had a relaxing and fun fall day, even if it wasn't filled with raking leaves and carving pumpkins!


Carrie said...

sorry you've all been sick! Sounds like you have some great home remedies and turned it into more bonding time! Sick memories are some of the strongest ones! :)

Anonymous said...

Ours must have the same thing, we are in the cough stage as well although not too bad at night thank goodness! We might as well still get together and let them have fun tomorrow.