Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cecilia the Artist

Cecilia loves to draw... absolutely loves it. This photo shows the colored pencils about ten minutes after she gets her hands on them - completely worn down! She wants so badly to use markers and pens like her big sister, but she doesn't possess the self-control for that just yet! So, colored pencils it is, and occasionally crayons since she finally seems to be past the stage where she thinks they taste good.

Usually she pushes a little chair up to the table alongside Caroline, and they draw together. Caroline sometimes draws things on Cecilia's paper, and sometimes she lets Cecilia scribble on her paper. in the above shot, you can see a little dinosaur... that one is Cecilia's special friend. She calls it, "Other-saur." She was very upset because she wanted that one specifically, and when I gave her another, she said, "Want other saur!" She calls dinosaurs "saurs." So, it has now become known as "Othersaur," or sometimes "Othersaurus Rex" when I am feeling goofy! :-P

Anyway... here is the artist hard at work (her favorite drawing position - the best way to draw, I think!):
(She didn't draw the blue people, obviously... those are Caroline's work)

Lately, Cecilia has been drawing "circles" - they are somewhat circular, anyway... closed figures may be a better way to describe them, but they are rounded as well. She usually calls them "cats." I didn't remember Caroline doing this until she was much older... Cecilia also will really bear down and scribble a lot - each of her drawings is always covered in scribbles completely, not just a few marks here and there.

A final shot... a craft project Caroline did this past week. I cut out the pumpkins and leaves with my die cut machine, and then I freehanded (with the scissors... free-cut?) a fence, moon, and tree. Making bare paper trees is my specialty - just ask my husband, it's part of the story of how we fell in love. :) Caroline just glued them all on and decorated them with a marker to make a "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate" scene. Next week, she wants to make "leaf children." Any idea how to glue pumpkin seeds to fall leaves? Other than a glue gun?


Carrie said...

I am a big fan of glue dots, but the kids can't handle them really well. I usually end up attaching them to whatever we are going and they just do the sticking them in the right spot part.

I would love to hear the rest of the "bare trees" story! :)

Kris said...

I'm nicknaming you Martha in my head - you actually own a diecut machine? Seriously? I am SOOO art-challenged....!! My poor children are reduced to drawing on their own, or doing an art project at our homeschool group. It's very sad.

Erin said...

The die cut machine is actually something my mom gave me about nine or ten years ago for Christmas - I was really into scrapbooking, and they made these tabletop die cut machines. Here's the one I have:
Now I don't have time to scrapbook - so I blog instead - and every now and then I get an idea for something I can use the die cut machine for! But I think it is good that your kids have to draw for themselves... more art than craft is a good thing. They can be more imaginative that way! I do crafts mostly for fine-motor practice and just for fun. A plain piece of paper and a colored pencil are the best for imaginative creations!

Meghan said...

such a great artist!!! love it!!