Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daybook for October 25, 2009

Outside my window... it was a beautiful, perfect fall day today. Too bad I couldn't really enjoy it... I have a sore throat and a cold along with all that fun stuff that goes along with it: difficulty breathing through the nose, sinus pressure and headache. Thankfully it is just a cold - no fever, no flu symptoms!

I am thinking... about the great time we had in Atlanta... Caroline and Cecilia got to play at Gramma's preschool on the playground and at the costume parade Thursday evening. I had fun helping out and running my typical Atlanta errands to the stores that I don't have near my home.

I am wondering... how Halloween got to be the second largest commercial holiday in recent years... it's crazy! There are entire Halloween superstores now... and why do they sell such utterly disgusting and/or trashy costumes lately? And why do adults dress up for Halloween nowadays? I am not talking about parents who dress up with their kids, but single adult people who dress up each year. Even for somebody who dressed up to trick-or-treat through her senior year in high school, it is weird.

I am thankful... that Caroline and Chris don't seem to be sick... just CC and me.

Learning at home... we weren't really at home much at all last week. We did extended family learning. And shopping learning. Caroline is very good at controlling the kid shopping carts at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. And for those familiar with TJ's, Caroline found *two* Joeys in the same trip this time!

From the kitchen... some easy stuff since I am sick. I want to make an autumn stew w/ roasted veggies one day. Oh, and Chris made a spiced apple bread (mix from Trader Joe's) to take to the neighbors who found one of our lost chickens - ALIVE!! We think that it is Eat. Guessing that More was eaten by the dog. She took the hit for the other three hens.

Eat, home again!

I am reading... the latest New Beginnings magazine from La Leche League.

To live the liturgy... I would love to attend an All Saints party one year in the near future. For now, I am not sure what we'll do for All Saints day... go to Mass, of course.

I am creating... this blog post. That's about as good as I can do right now. I helped make baked beans for the costume parade Thursday...

Around the house... some laundry, cleaning sinks and toilets that didn't get cleaned last week. And my favorite: unpacking.

I am hearing... Bud Dickman's Weekly Top Ten from April 2001 (on Chris's computer in the sunroom). Which is making me realize that eight years ago, I was working in a daycare center as my last summer job.

One of my favorite things... Cecilia's laugh!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Friday, there is a costume party at Caroline's MMO, but I don't know yet if we will go. Saturday is Halloween, and we will trick-or-treat as well as attend a bonfire/cookout in our neighbors' cul-de-sac, which should be lots of fun!

A picture thought I am sharing... more TJs pics and CC with Gramma:


Kris said...

Our homeschool group does an All Saints party every year. Usually a potluck lunch. All the kids dress up as a saint, and tell about themselves and the other kids have to try and figure out who they are. It's really fun!! But a bit stressful for this Mommy who has not one ounce of "crafty" in her. Coming up with costumes is my worst nightmare.

Kris said...

Oh, and glad you had a great time down here!