Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden of the Good Shepherd - Week Three

We had a dinner for the Garden of the Good Shepherd's third week... I keep thinking it would be good to post a photo of our Garden of the Good Shepherd calendar to show the progress with putting the daily stickers up, but I keep forgetting to take a photo of it!

This week focused on weather, as the title was The Heavens Tell God's Glory. ... so we did several of the adapted breakfast ideas found at Catholic Cuisine. We love to have breakfast for dinner and this just put a different spin on it!

Here are the rainbows, which Caroline made... just putting fruit pieces on kabobs.

The scrambled eggs represented the wind... ours have pureed spinach in them, which is why you see green specks!

I whipped some cream to make clouds.

This is the sun: red grapefruit halves for the adults...

...and orange halves for the kids, since my kids don't really care for grapefruit, but they will eat oranges all day long if they could!

I poured the pancake batter into oval shapes to be clouds. These are pumpkin pancakes, one of our favorite pancake recipes.

Here is Cecilia's plate with everything but the lightning...

Caroline spreads her whipped cream onto her cloud pancake.

And here is the lightning, coming down from a cloud: a slice of bacon!

Maybe by next week, I will manage to take a photo of the calendar to post along with our dinner pictures!

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