Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden of the Good Shepherd - Week Four

We had our fourth Garden of the Good Shepherd party on Saturday for dinner! I finally remembered to take a photo of the sticker calendar completed up through the fourth week. If you look at the sea, you will find the symbols for this week: the boat, mast, sail, net, fish, grill (or "barbecue," as the northerners who designed the calendar would say! ;), and Leviathan (sea serpent). Here is our dinner:

For the grill, we grilled bratwurst and asparagus! I boiled them with onions in beer first (the brats, not the asparagus! ;), and they were really tender and yummy after being grilled! The criss-cross type pretzels represent the net, and the Goldfish crackers are the fish, of course.

Here's Caroline with her plate... the Germans would be appalled that she put pickle relish on her bratwurst! The girls love grilled asparagus... and we decided that it stood for Leviathan, since the tips could resemble the tail of a sea serpent.

Caroline decided her "nets" could also double as "grills" on which to cook the fish.

And here is the boat... and the mast and sail! Just some fruit, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a pretzel stick, and a piece of fruit leather!

Cecilia was clearly happy about her dessert boat!

Caroline's boat just before melting...

...and here it is with her net cast over the side catching a couple of fish!

We are having fun keeping up with these celebratory meals this Easter Season! To see more Garden Parties, check out Catholic Cuisine!


Tiffany said...

Hi Erin~Great to find you and your lovely blog! Thanks for stopping over to my blog too. Your Garden Party turned out great...Those banana ice cream boats looked amazingly yummy:-) Have a blessed Week 5!

Gardenia said...

alovely party and a yummy looking boat!

Jamie Jo said...

What a wonderful party!
I love your fruit/ice cream boats!

What a wonderful blog you have!
congrats on baby #3!

Lisa said...

Erin, your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Your garden party looked absolutely awesome! :-)