Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few More from Indy

A few shots around the hotel... Chris and Cecilia relax and read a book in our room. That recliner was pretty comfy!

The girls enjoy breakfast... the food at this place was phenomenal in that they had so much of it included as part of our stay! The full breakfast buffet included eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, french toast, fruit, doughnuts, muffins, oatmeal, cold cereals, waffles, juice, coffee... and I might be forgetting something there! In addition, they offered a "5:30 Kickback" every evening from 5:30 until 7:00 in which they had snack and easy dinner-type foods out in the same area where they set up breakfast in the mornings. We made it our dinner both nights we were there! Some of the foods included were baked potatoes, hot dogs, buffalo chicken wings, chicken tenders, salad, and nachos with beef, refried beans, and cheese. Oh, and there was also a bar a which each adult could get three drinks per night! Too bad I couldn't get any myself, although I had virgin margaritas and a virgin tequila sunrise along with several Shirley Temples! Cecilia was obsessed with the Shirley Temples... she asked if she could have one with breakfast, ha ha, and just today (two weeks later!) she asked about them again! But goodness, I have never seen a regular family 2.5/3 star hotel with so much free food! There was also a popcorn cart and soft drinks available from 3:00-10:00 daily... too bad they like Pepsi up there! ;)

And when I saw the picture of the waffles in the hotel's advertising photos, I thought, "Hmm, wonder if they will really look that fancy?" Sure enough, they did! They had two waffle irons with this fancy design. Pretty cool!

So, can you tell that food is important to me? ;) Seriously, this was great for a family with kids, not having to worry about going somewhere for dinner, paying extra for it, waiting for a table, and getting back to the hotel before everyone was exhausted and cranky. And it gave us time to use the indoor pool after dinner each night, too!

The last morning after breakfast... trying to get everyone to look/smile at the same time was a challenge!

But I finally got one when they were all on the luggage cart in the elevator, on our way up to get our stuff before checking out!

We had so much fun even if we were only there a short time... two nights in Columbus and two nights in Indianapolis. We were sad to not get to spend one of the days with our friends when Matthew was sick, but glad he recovered quickly! And the four adults had a blast staying up late playing cards and board games and enjoying our adult beverages from earlier which we'd brought up and stashed in the fridge!

Caroline was so sad to leave Matthew in the morning... they were best friends until he moved to Iowa when they were both almost four years old. She really wanted to hug him goodbye, and he wouldn't come out from hiding beside the bed, like if he didn't say goodbye it wouldn't happen! Caroline was distraught; I almost cried along with her! But then she got a hug downstairs as we walked out to the cars, and even gave him a big kiss on the cheek! She loves to hug and kiss friends goodbye - I imagine she would have been quite miserable if she didn't get to say goodbye the way that meant the most to her!


Carrie said...

WOW What hotel chain was that?!?! I am all about the breakfast, but dinner too? COOL!

Erin said...

It was a Drury Inn. I don;t know if they are all like this, but if so, I think we'll try to stay in one again sometime!

Melanie said...

Speaking of hugs goodbye, Zoe came over to play today and your girls were mentioned several times. I'm thinking about another playdate early next week. I think we've finally reached the age where the more you have the easier it gets.