Sunday, January 09, 2011

Random Bits

Cecilia asked me the other day why Daddy goes to work every day. I told her it was so he could get money so we could buy things like food and clothes. Several hours later, I was talking to my mom on the phone, and Cecilia wanted to talk. When I handed her the phone, the first thing she said to Gramma was, "Daddy's getting money because Mommy wants to buy things for us!"

Caroline continues to amaze us with her mind: "Mommy, one hundred dollars is 100 one hundred centses." Aww, even when she makes profound mathematical statements, we are still reminded that she's just a little kid when she makes up interesting pluralizations of words!

Cecilia: "When I run like this, it seems like I'm pushing the wind!!!"

Cecilia, after watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with Daddy and Caroline: "Sally said why is Linus always carrying that horrible playsilk around!" Translation: "Lucy asked why Linus is always carrying that stupid blanket around."

Cecilia was turning the knob on one of the drawers in our kitchen, and it was coming loose. "Aaaah, I'm unloosening it!" she cried out. Then she started turning it back the other way to tighten it back up and said, "There, I'm loosening it back."

Cecilia decided to eat a cranberry while we were stringing them with popcorn... of course, she made a terrible face and shuddered as she tasted the bitterness. She made the same face to a lesser degree when she had some lemonade at lunch today. Both times, she said, "It makes me burrow!"

On Guadete Sunday, the priest is supposed to wear rose-colored vestments. Since we have been lighting our Advent wreath and doing the Holy heroes Advent Adventure, my kids know this well. Imagine their surprise when our priest (not our pastor, but another priest who comes to fill in here and there since we only have one priest assigned to our parish) was NOT wearing rose, but a shade of purple instead! It was actually almost fuchsia, so at first I thought maybe it was trying to be rose... so anyway, he said at the beginning of Mass how he was supposed to wearing
purple, but he "didn't look good in pink." Caroline was appalled, ha ha. But hey, the rules say wear rose, why not just wear rose? It's not like they have to wear it often - only twice a year!

Here are some of our gingerbread men I was decorating... one of them fell from my hand and landed on another, breaking both of them. The funny thing is that the one I dropped was the "Mason" cookie - my parents' cat - and it landed on the "Mike" cookie - my brother. Mason was named by my brothers, Mike and Tim. Mason is a girl cat. I think this is part of what has her so messed up, ha ha. I took this as a sign of her impending revenge on Mike, and maybe Tim too, for giving her a male name and thus beginning her troubles in life.

So, am I the only person who gets really tense when I hear a baby cry for a prolonged period? It makes me feel a bit panicky inside. So, why use a real, live infant in a children's Christmas pageant? Am I the only one who doesn't think it's "cute" when a baby cries for ten minutes straight? Whatever happened to using a doll as the baby Jesus? When I was Mary in my kindergarten pageant, I had a baby doll, not an actual infant who would be distressed to be held by a child who was clearly not its mother or father. Once, my baby brother, Tim, was the baby Jesus (he had a November birthday), but my mother held him. I think it was an informal pageant held in our church nursery... I remember he had a "halo" of tinsel on his little bald head. My mom was wearing a red dress, so I don't think she was actually playing the part of Mary, but she was holding him in all the photos and in what I remember. Better that or a doll than a baby screaming throughout the pageant, in my opinion.

Cecilia, sniffing a cookie: "I smell seasoning in it!"

So, our stupidest chicken, 'Lorpie, reached a new level of idiocy. She's so sweet, I love this chicken best for some reason, ha ha... But she is so dumb, as I have shared before. She got her feet stuck underneath the chicken tractor. She was stuck for probably 24 hours, poor baby. No broken bones, but she's acting sick, not eating much. She can walk, and she will go to get some water here and there. She ate an egg and some saltines yesterday (not kidding!) and Chris said she would eat some of her feet when dropped on the ground around her, but she won't eat it out of the feeder. And now we're getting a snowstorm, so I'm sure she'll continue to be traumatized, ha ha.

'Lorpie, able to stand and drink

This post was begun well before Christmas, so I will finally publish it now!

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