Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cecilia's "School Work"

Here are some of Cecilia's creations, done while Caroline and I do school stuff at the table:

Cecilia likes to cover the whole page if she gets a chance to use markers!

Her first "real person" was drawn this week - it just appeared out of nowhere! She'd been drawing circles and dots in them for awhile, but this was crystal-clear. She even explained that the lines that come out of the sides and almost meet at the top are the arms, and they "aren't touching, because there's that little gap." And then she colored over the face, so i was glad I took the picture when I did!

She likes to draw an outline and then color it in.

Some more faces, along with lots of colorful decoration and some scissor work (she cuts a little slit and then tears the paper the rest of the way!).

The Sideways People of the Dry Erase Easel... she has drawn several "people" this week, and they always end up sideways... these ones kind of freak me out, ha ha.


Lisa said...

Too cute! It is awesome that you took pictures to preserve those "first" faces! :-)

Gardenia said...

Lovely artwork! and I love your blog header too.