Friday, April 02, 2010

Random Bits

Now that the weather is warming up, we are actually feeling the sun when we go outside each day! The other day, while standing in a bright patch of warm sunlight, Cecilia squinted and commented, "I'm standing in hotness. I don't like the hotness."

Today, we went to the doctor's office for Cecilia's two year checkup (two months late, yes). The doctor informed me that they do a finger stick to test hemoglobin levels at age two. So, I told Caroline, who was having her five year checkup at the same time, that only Cecilia was getting a finger stick. When Caroline asked to verify that she was indeed not getting a finger stick (because that's the way she is), Cecilia looked at her and shouted, "I'M getting a finger stick!" Possessive "mine!" two year olds, hee hee! Anyway, the finger stick didn't hurt her at all... they have a new kind that doesn't lance the finger (only pricks it slightly), and Cecilia seemed totally unfazed.

I saw a recipe today that called for "one small can of onion, finely chopped." Hmmm... didn't even know there was such a thing as canned onion! Pretty weird...

Ahh, early spring. Here's all the obnoxious things about it: wasps in the house (and a freaked out five year old), stinky trees (blooming Bradford pears), having to pull clothes from storage a bit at a time (can't put away all the long sleeves just yet or else I'll end up just having to get them all back out), and allergies (although no pollen here yet). So somebody remind me again why people love this time of year? ;) Okay, so we are enjoying the warm weather, the birds singing, the green grass...

Last night at dinner, Cecilia was pointing to each of us, saying, "Lat's my mommy... Lat's my Caroline... Lat's my daddy... and lat's me!" Then she said, "I counted!" I asked the pediatrician yesterday to take a look at her tongue for me... it is strange that she can say the L sound but not the "th" blend. She looks like she has a bit of a tongue tie (her tongue is heart-shaped at the tip, indicating a bit of a tight frenulum), but she is able to stick her tongue out far enough to make all the sounds. So, the L sound is just a cute thing she's doing now, and eventually she should be able to make the "th" sound without a problem.

So, today we made hot cross buns. Traditional for Good Friday, yet they don't quite feel appropriate, you know? Buns with raisins, butter, and crosses iced on the top - they are very yummy and a bit sweet! So, other Catholics out there, hot cross buns of Good Friday - yes or no?


johnston5in5 said...

I find it funny that Leah can make more sounds than Sam who still has trouble with L while Leah clearly annunciates it.

As for Hot Cross Buns, I don't know how that orignated but we won't do that one. We give up sweets on Ash Wed and Good Friday as a sacrifice for Jesus since He made a big one for us. I want my kids to start understanding sacrifice and giving things up. Sweets doesn't have to be your family's sacrifice though. I just view it as a kid size version of fasting today and with me fasting, I don't think I could make something I couldn't eat.

Erin said...

I suppose I could make them next year without the icing crosses... they only have a quarter cup of sweetener in them otherwise. I get what you are saying about sacrificing sweets, though... Caroline wanted to eat a piece of candy and I wouldn't let her because it is Good Friday. We did give up desserts other than for special days throughout Lent. But what is hard about that is the number of special days - Caroline's birthday, Cecilia's baptism anniversary, and then the various Church feast days... and we don't eat sugary stuff too much anyway. It is hard to know what to give up as a family.

ViolinMama said...

Hey Erin and Johnston5in5,

About Hot Cross Buns. We either buy, or make them every year. It feels so special to do a long standing tradition. But, to be honest, I've never tasted sweet ones. Interesting! The ones from the bakery are fruity and taste very....hmmm...not sweet? The only sweet thing is the icing (which honestly helped the taste). So they were good sacrificial, tradition to eat.

The internet has many recipes one could search out for less sweet Hot Cross Buns. Catholic Cuisine (LOVE THEM) just posted a great one for this week, and it very PLAIN. You also don't need icing.

I say, switch up the recipe, but keep the tradition. My girls LOVE learning this way, so there is always a way to make things work for faith and family.

Here is the link:

Loved your other "randoms". Being pregnant I'm with Cecilia...I don't like the hotness of spring lol!

LOVE the finger stick story!

Cute pronunciations, and I laughed at the pollen, bees, and wasps HAHA! We have that here too!

Much love! Happy Easter! Thanks for always posting great ideas!

ViolinMama said...

Oh - and I think if certain B-days or feasts etc fall in Lent, one can make up the sacrifice somehow. The intent and effort on your part is there, but life is to be celebrated - especially a child's b-day, baptism day, etc. I'm sure your family does plenty!!!

Erin said...

Ah, I hadn't yet seen that recipe at Catholic Cuisine. Cool idea about the water and flour dough crosses! The recipe sounds a lot like mine except they were made w/ whole wheat flour... I may try them next year w/ the dough crosses instead of icing. Thanks for sharing the link!