Monday, April 05, 2010

Holy Saturday

Dyeing eggs

The girls were entertained by the stickers that come in the egg dyeing kit. How else do the Paas people make money besides these dinky kits? I know the Peeps people have snuck their nasty marshmallow product into every holiday at this point, but I don't think Paas has convinced anybody to dye food items for any other days besides Easter...

Caroline placed these pictures on the Lent calendar... Jesus on the cross on Good Friday, and Jesus in the tomb for Holy Saturday.


Maureen said...

Usually you talk about the religious meaning behind the kids there any behind dying Easter eggs or is it just a fun tradition?

Love the pictures, the girls are so beautiful!!

Also, do you have any more "Why Do I" blogs in the works?

Erin said...

I think that the eggs can be traced back to pagan roots (as many things can be), but they have also been seen as symbols of new life among Christians. The Ukranians have been doing beautiful detailed egg decorating for years and years... here is a link w/ a little explanation:
We didn't decorate them w/ religious symbols as you can see from the photos, but it might be something to consider w/ older children one day.
Here's another brief article w/ a few early Christian legends:

For the "Why Do I" posts, I'd love to write more. That one on routine infant circumcision wore me out for a while, ha ha! Any topics you'd be interested in? I've considered writing about homeschooling, but I haven't actually begun doing it yet, although I could write about my reasons for wanting to do it. It is not directly related to attachment parenting, but I see it as an extension, just like I see using NFP as being related to it.

Are you going to be at Matthew's wedding on Saturday? If so, we will see you there!

Erin said...
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Maureen said...

Thanks for the links!

I will think about the Why Do I series (which I really like! I like how you explain every detail about Why You Do ___). I have enjoyed that series because you are so in depth and it makes sense!

We will be at the wedding :)