Friday, April 02, 2010

Cecilia's Baptism Anniversary

I am making this a tradition in our family, to get out the baptismal candles and light them briefly at dinner on the anniversary of each child's baptism. Cecilia's was on March 30, 2008. We also put out a baptism holy card. I want to try to make it a simple remembrance every year: baptismal candle, a special dessert, a prayer for the child, and maybe pulling out the baptismal gown (unless it gets passed to the girls' new cousin!).

I made banana pudding for Cecilia - topped with meringue, which *was* white (symbolic of baptism), and then it browned in the oven. She and Caroline ate it up!! Cecilia seemed to understand that there was something special going on regarding her!

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mel said...

What a pretty baptism candle! Ours are much smaller and very simple...