Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Bits (and now Kids Say the Darndest Things Fridays)

Today, we were driving into the Wal-Mart parking lot. Caroline asked, "Mommy, why is it called Wal-Mart?" I answered, " The man who started the very first Wal-Mart had the last name of WALton." Then, as we drove past Sam's in the same parking lot, I added, "And his first name was Sam," and pointed out the window at the Sam's building. Caroline, without missing a beat, said, "And maybe his middle name was MARTin!"

My brother's dog, Dutch, had to have a toe amputated because of a tumor. I told Caroline that he had his foot wrapped in a bandage. Caroline asked, "Well, when do we get to see the spot where the toe used to be?" Eeeeww!

Caroline and Cecilia have several stuffed Chick-fil-A cows that have made their way into our house... I think it is funny that they have named two of them "Squashy" and "Pooey."

Cecilia's sophisticated speech continues to amaze me. She's not quite 26 months old, and she says complex sentences like, "When we get home, may I do rice, Mommy?" ["Do rice" means she wants to play with the bin of dried rice... I call it "doing rice."] She uses most pronouns correctly, which is weird for her age. Of course there are still some cute things she says, like, "I not have" instead of "I don't have," but there are not too many of the quirky little sayings. She is also learning about voice inflection, and if I say something to her, she will often repeat it with a questioning tone of voice. She noticed a vaporizer in the bathroom cabinet today and said, "That's another potty." I told her, "That isn't a potty - it is called a vaporizer." She replied, "Vaporizer? Vapor? Rizer?" Hee hee. And she will make the most serious facial expressions when she is trying to explain something... one of the cute things she still does is try to explain "why" about things... she has circular reasoning, such as "Daddy is not wearing shoes because Daddy not have shoes on." Any time she says "because," she is likely to repeat herself in a a slightly different way.

Caroline eating animal crackers: "Oh, I can't hear my friends!" (after biting off the ears) "Oh no, now I can't see my brothers and sisters, help!" (after biting off the head) "Oh, now I can't walk!" (after biting off the legs)

Cecilia, as I wipe her face off after a meal: "Don't wipe my eyes!!!" She also likes to warn people, "Don't fall in the potty!"

Today, Cecilia was holding a stuffed animal and said to me, "This is Kanga." I asked her, "What kind of animal is Kanga?" She looked at it and responded, "Stuffed."

And a few photos:

Here are our Sorrowful Mysteries pictures, colored by Caroline and me... we hung them over the fireplace to refer to while we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries during Lent.

The girls and I all wearing aprons... I put one on, and the girls dug theirs out of their dress-up clothes so we could all match!


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

where did you get the coloring sheets? too cute!

Erin said...

I got them here:
There are sets for the Glorious and Joyful Mysteries as well.

Lucy said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks for sharing and come back next Friday. I'm sure you'll have acquired plenty more material by then.;)

Also, join us for Pro-Life Tuesdays!

In Christ,

mel said...

Hehe...I like the Kanga comment especially, that made me laugh out loud.