Tuesday, March 09, 2010

From the Peaceful Parenting blog...

...this short and sweet gem of a post which breaks down the numbers for us in comparing the statistics between intact and circumcised infants. It shows clearly that it is more risky to put a newborn through cosmetic genital surgery than to leave him intact. This is not something the doctor will hand to you on a piece of paper before cutting your son, but it seems to me that something like this should be included in the consent form that parents sign before the surgery is done!!

And I stumbled across this article discussing the differences between a religious (Jewish) circumcision in Biblical times vs. the medically done ones of today, and how they don't compare at all.

And finally, I discovered in this post that the American Academy of Family Physicians does not consider breastfeeding to be "extended" until the child turns 2! Yay for them!! They even say that "anything less brings about detrimental consequences." Very good of them to have a clear statement on it - now why don't more of their doctors read their statements? ;)

All this from the Peaceful Parenting blog... I have found that this is a great source for info regarding babies. One could spend months digging through the posts and all the references and citations and links just on circumcision alone!

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