Sunday, March 07, 2010

Random Bits

Cecilia, sitting next to me at the table, looked at her finger today and said, "It has red." I looked, and her finger was covered in red liquid - I thought she must have gotten a marker and broken the tip or something. Then I realized she was holding the hand-held pencil sharpener - also covered in red liquid - in the other hand. She had sharpened her thumb. And she wasn't even upset about it! I washed it, put on peroxide ("brown bottle," as Caroline calls it), and a ban-aid with Neosporin - and only a few whimpers. Sure hope she doesn't do that again! Bad Mommy for having the pencil sharpener in her reach!

Hot chocolate, newly-delivered Girl Scout cookies, and Forrest Gump... sounds like a great combo, huh? Except when you can't find your Forrest Gump video. Maybe you never owned one to begin with and are just thinking of the copy at your parents' house. Or maybe you borrowed their copy and lost it. Or maybe you're just losing your mind. ;)

So, Caroline (who is very good at identifying Toyota Highlanders, which Gramma drives) saw this car out the window while we were driving and said, "Look, that's the same car as Grampa has!"
Grampa really drives a Buick LaCross, ha ha! ;)

Today we were at a non-Catholic wedding, held in a chapel at a local college campus. Cecilia immediately asked me, "Where's the red candle?" when I pointed out the pretty candles lit at the front of the church. Then she demanded, "Where's the cross??" Uhhh... I looked around quickly and found a window at the back that was shaped like a cross and pointed it out to her. She seemed satisfied with that, yet a bit confused...

The night before, we attended Stations of the Cross at our parish, and it was done by the youth group... they stood at the front and did a sort of "freeze frame" pose for each station. For each transition between stations, they would turn the lights all the way down, at which point Cecilia would yell out, "I can't see Jesus! I can't see Jesus!" Then they covered his face with a black cloth as they did the 14th station, Jesus is Laid in the Tomb. So then she was yelling, "I can't see Jesus's face!!"

And as a funny related note, both girls have noticed that when we are at church in the evening, the stained glass windows are dark - since no light is shining through them from outside. Both of them say that the "windows are off" at night!

This morning, as I was eating a bowl of cereal with milk, I noticed that it tasted slightly... off. In fact, it tasted a bit alcoholic. I couldn't figure it out until I ate one of the frozen blueberries all by itself that I'd put in the cereal... did you know that frozen blueberries can start to ferment, somehow? I wonder if they'd gotten partially defrosted or something? The girls ate them up like crazy... eww. Won't be giving them any more now that I got it figured out!

Speaking of alcohol, we had macaroni and cheese, grilled bratwurst, and Guinness for dinner tonight. Okay, so the girls didn't have any Guinness, especially after their alcoholic blueberries earlier in the day... I wonder if that is okay, drinking Guinness with bratwurst? The reason we have Irish beer in the house is because St. Patrick's Day is next week. Hmm, maybe we'll have bratwurst again on Pope Benedict's birthday coming up in April, and with a real German beer then!

I got some fleece from the fabric store today so I can try to sew some cloth diaper doublers for Cecilia... I bought orange and blue fleece s she can have Florida Gator colored doublers. Now to decide what kind of material to put inside... old cotton t-shirt material, maybe?

Of final note, we might get to go visit some old friends this coming weekend with a trip to Illinois to meet them! Please pray that Chris won't have jury duty all week so that we can go on Friday!


CM said...

I love that the stained glass windows are "off" at night! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute! Sam was very concerned about Jesus too. He kept asking Heath where they were taking him and Heath said, the tomb. When he came in the vestibule, he asked Heath where the tent was. What goes on in their little minds, I guess he thought Jesus was going camping after the crucifixion (sp? its late!)

Carrie said...

She identifies cars like my grandma does! ha ha!
We had a similar alcoholic experience opening a juice cup that had been left in the car way too long! whew! it was STRONG!

Sandra said...

I hope your plans will work out for the weekend. Coincidentally, David had to show up for jury duty today.