Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We got our first egg!!!

I noticed this morning, while looking out the window as I was getting myself ready, that one of the chickens was still in the enclosed area of the chicken tractor. I mentioned this to Chris, that one of the rocks was not outside yet. I had noticed on Monday that Sally was squatting in this awkward-looking position a few times while we were outside and had thought maybe she was about to lay... Well, Chris found her in the nesting box, squatting again. He nudged her aside to see if she was sitting on an egg... no, nothing underneath her. But - then, she hopped up onto the edge of the nesting box, and this egg just kind of fell out of her! Chris was watching it all happen, and I had opened the window after noticing he'd gone out to check on them... I had a feeling that we'd be seeing an egg soon!

It amazes me that they know to lay in the nesting box! How do they figure that out??

Caroline was excited to go out and get the egg a little later today. We left it out there awhile, hoping it might encourage the others to follow suit!

A closer view of the egg... tan in color, and a bit smaller than a normal egg, which is typical of the early eggs from any hen. So it looks like the waiting has paid off!

Caroline is getting to be so good with the chickens... she can pick up Chicken (the tamest of the three birds) by herself and then lovingly holds her close and carries her around the yard... today, Chicken even seemed to go to sleep in her arms!


Carrie said...

I have to admit...this kind of grossed me out to read. ha ha!
HA! Really though..that will be so nice to have available to you!

Erin said...

What part - the egg falling out of her? I guess it is pretty weird to think about these eggs forming inside the chickens' bodies and then just coming out...

Carrie said...

yep..that would be the part. I guess I never pictured it so vividly!

That Married Couple said...

Oh congratulations! How fun! It will be really neat when your girls happen to see them lay an egg - I'd love to hear their reactions!